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Free telephone lines are a highly valuable business commodity. Everyone loves to avoid paying money if at all possible, and they also love to communicate by telephone. After all, it's easy and convenient. Many people, if they're looking for a particular business or service, will actually scan the directories for a free number that they can call.

This means that if you provide your potential customers with the convenience of a 0800 free telephone number, you will have a fairly sizeable ready-to-go market, just because of the free number. In fact, it's been confirmed that a business project offering the convenience of a free number for clients generates at least three times the calls that an ordinary number does. Added to this the fact that the process of hiring and using 0800 free telephone numbers is surprisingly affordable and easy to arrange.

Improve Your Business Image
There are even more important reasons for using a 0800 number though. Did you realize that using one will give your business a more efficient, and reliable image? These points were actually mentioned by people being canvassed about the subject.

Telephone numbers are easily traced and are a symbol of permanence. These are two important reasons why the public has such perceptions. Establishing these valuable image traits can make a tremendous difference to the success of your business venture, in a world where so many businesses are actually out to scam the public.

Receive More Calls
Research into the use of free 0800 numbers has demonstrated that they encourage customers to phone more often. This gives your company a perfect opportunity to establish a strong relationship with those clients. The advantages of engendering client loyalty in this way hardly need to be elaborated.

Using free 0800 numbers is the perfect way of breaking out of your geographic location in business. There are still a large number of people who are not fully at home on the Internet, and a phone number is the ideal way to reach them. You'd be doing your national or international business a great disservice by relying on web pages alone.

In view of the fact that at least 50 percent of advertisers now use 0800 free phone numbers, any business that doesn't take advantage of this resource is immediately disadvantaging itself. Don't be one of those businesses that is passed by when a customer is actually looking for an 0800 number to use.

Get the 0800 Service You Need
Before you go ahead and rush out to sign up with a company that provides 0800 numbers for business purposes though, you have some serious research to do. Rates vary quite a bit. In addition, there are several different ways in which such numbers can be used.

Do you want your calls forwarded? Or do you want someone to field the calls for you? Obviously there is a huge difference in the level of services offered here, and you would expect to pay a totally different rate for each one.

There are also going to be large variations in charges according to where your callers are calling from. If many of your contacts are going to be from abroad, or widely interspersed nationally, then expect to pay higher rates than if you're a local company that will only take local calls for the purposes of the advert.

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