Reverse Phone Books

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Using online reverse phone books is incredibly easy when you compare it with pre-internet modes of searching. All you do is put your number in the search box and you will be given the name registered to that number. Of course, this is theory, and no matter how wonderful the system, there are occasionally going to be hitches. In practice it is often a little more complicated.

Using Reverse Phone Books

Be aware that free online telephone directories are seldom up-to-date. They are, in some cases, several years old. This means that if your subject has moved one or more times, you will have to do more to find him or her. Normally, a paid search of reverse phone books will give you the information you need. If not though, you may have to pay a little more for some professional help with your search.

Before you move on to more sophisticated and expensive methods of searching for a missing person though, make sure you have exhausted the possibilities with the online telephone directories, including reverse phone books if you only have a number. To begin with, you could do a search to confirm what kind of number you have. Is it a cell phone or a land line? Maybe it's a pager.

Once you have a firm idea which reverse phone books you should be searching you'll be one notch up in your search. However, this still may not give you what you're looking for. Your subject could have made it difficult to trace him by registering his phone in a different name, or changing his name in some way. If he is married, look for a name that includes the spouse's name as well.

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