24 Hour Answering Service

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you don't have the resources or personnel to employ a full time administrative staff, a 24 hour answering service could be just what your company needs. This type of service is becoming more and more common across the nation as businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations discover the many benefits relating to a 24 hour answering service. Let's look at these services a little closer.

How It Works

For any number of reasons, many companies decide not to employ a full time, 24 hour administrative team to receive and direct incoming phone traffic. Incoming calls to your company are automatically routed to the 24 hour answering service, and in turn the call is directed to the representative with the most applicable knowledge and who is most familiar with your business. That person will answer the call and depending on your instructions, decide the appropriate action.

If the call comes in during normal business hours, the 24 hour answering service representative will ascertain to whom the caller needs to speak and route that call accordingly. There will be no more interruptions from calls that aren't yours. If the call comes in after hours, the service rep will evaluate the caller's needs and follow your instructions as to whether to take a message, page an employee, or just answer questions.

How Expensive Is a 24 Hour Answering Service?

One of the things that is so attractive about this type of service is how affordable they are. Since you will not need to hire, train, and maintain your own internal staff, savings are tremendous. Because answering services have such a wide customer base and low costs themselves, the rates they charge are quite affordable.

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