800 Answering Service For Small Businesses

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you thought an 800 answering service for small businesses was out of your league, you should think again. If you are a new online vendor or a small business owner looking to expand your service area, you are probably thinking about the advantages and expense of getting a toll free phone number so that your customers can contact you quickly and easily. You may have heard, however, that 800 numbers are priced out of your range, expensive to get and expensive to maintain.

That problem is solved. Today you can find an 800 answering service for small businesses simply by searching the Internet. You will be surprised at the low rates some services offer. Answering services must have competitive pricing structures that may include a one-time deposit, a set up fee, an account maintenance fee, and a per-minute charge that decreases as the number of minutes used increases.

One 800 answering service for small businesses offers you the option to use one of their 800 numbers or to use one of your own. If you choose to get your own 800 number, the account set up and maintenance fees remain the same but the per-call charge is lower. You will have to determine whether the convenience of using their number is worth the difference in cost compared to using your number. In both cases, the per-call charges go down with more minutes used.

Finding an 800 Answering Service for Small Businesses Online

When you're looking for an 800 number service, you should be considering the same factors that you would consider any time another company is representing your business. This means that, above all, the quality of the operators and their training specific to your business needs are paramount. Customer calling convenience can't compensate for poor customer service, so make sure that the basics are in place before you hire an answering service.

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