800 Answering Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There are many advantages to 800 answering services. Having a toll-free number available to your customers makes you more accessible to them. It also shows them that you are ready to be responsive to their needs. Many 800 answering services provide you with a dedicated line of your own. When that line rings, operators who have received extensive training about your company and who know your policies and procedures will answer and respond to your customer's needs.

The cost of toll-free numbers is now within reach of many medium and small businesses. The pay back for getting one is often a decrease in the number of customers who cancel their accounts due to after-hours problems. This reduction goes right to your bottom line. Adding services such as online order taking or account access can improve your bottom line dramatically.

800 Answering Services Facts

Paying for a single person to wait for phone calls can cost more than using 800 answering services. Using 800 answering services allows your customers to speak to your live, professional representative twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Toll-free numbers encourage your customers to call whenever they have a problem.

Your customers can reach you even when they're out of town. In most cases, you can use your existing 800 number, or you can use one that the service provides. You can choose a toll-free voice mail option at extremely low rates.

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