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The Internet answering machine aspect of Internet call waiting is what sold the product for me. The answering machine download aspect of the Internet call waiting is very simple to use. The fact that I no longer had to worry about a separate answering machine in my home while I was online was great.

In case I still need to sell you, just think about when you're working online and the phone rings. you're downstairs and the phone is nowhere to be found. I hated running around to find the phone while the answering machine picked up. The answering machine download changed all that. I got to see who was calling thanks to the caller ID and I was able to talk to the caller if I so chose.

The Answering Machine Download Works Wonders

The answering machine download can be helpful to you whether or not you're using a dial-up connection. While I initially purchased the Internet call waiting software while I had a dial-up connection, I still use it now with my DSL hook-up. I guess that once I got used to it, I couldn't see how I worked without it.

Receiving calls online was a benefit that I now can't imagine not having. While my job doesn't require me to be on the phones all day long, I certainly take a few calls. The answering machine download made my job a little bit easier and it saved me money because I didn't have to purchase a phone line for my office when I worked out of my home.

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