Business Answering Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Business answering services meet a lot of needs that go far beyond simply taking and forwarding messages. Quality services, for example, often provide a friendly, capable voice to customers who are stressed in the middle of the night or on weekends when your staff is not available. In some cases, you can authorize them to call out your technicians when faced with specific scenarios. If you have the opportunity to train the operators to explain simple repair or reprogramming procedures, they can save you a substantial amount of money while improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.

Business Answering Services Online

Today you can find quality answering services online. Technology is now available that allows you to use a service that may be located right around the block or all the way across the country. You provide the call response scripts and define the scenarios under which the operators may take action for your customers when they call.

You can elect to use business answering services for message taking and forwarding only, but, even with that limited level of service, you should require the highest level of competence from the operators. They should, in fact, virtually mirror the level of confidence and caring that your own in-house staff offers. You may want to consider looking for an answering service that has some experience with your particular type of business, and it is usually a good idea to visit the answering service's site.

In general, business answering services will save you money on each call. This is because of payment structures that can include a base amount for calls up to a specified number and an additional per-call charge for calls over that number. Because the operators are not sitting around waiting to take only your calls, the cost in general will be significantly lower than it would be using in-house staff.

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