Call Center Outsourcing

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Call center outsourcing is usually a direct function of upward business growth. As service businesses grow, owners and managers often discover that secretaries and even in-house customer service representatives can no longer handle the increased volume of incoming calls. While this is usually a good sign, it often means that the business will soon be in a situation that will require a significant investment in personnel and equipment. The addition of even two or three employees who are dedicated full time to answering phone calls changes the entire company's look.

All of a sudden, they need more phone lines, more managers, a trainer, insurance and other benefits, and more income to cover the cost of the new employees. Because of the cost, lots of businesses pay their call center representatives less than they pay any other employee in the company. As a result, their customers may not get the quality of service and expertise they expect when they call.

Call Center Outsourcing Options

One reason that forward thinking companies, even small ones, are now turning to call center outsourcing is that an in-house call center may not be cost-effective. If it is intended to improve customer service and does not accomplish that, it is a waste of money and effort. It may surprise you to know that the average call center operator is on the phone taking care of customers less than 50 percent of the day. This is not because they're not dedicated; it is simply a result of the fact that they must wait for incoming phone calls.

Call center outsourcing can help the business save money while attaining the original goal of outstanding customer service. Working with an outsource company is not simply a matter of adding a few phone lines. Good outsource companies offer their customers the opportunity to provide extensive training to the operators who will be representing them. Many charge by the call with their operators handling calls for three or more companies. Fully trained, professional representatives are not sitting there waiting two hours for your callers. Rather, they are working steadily, and you pay only for what they do for you when calls actually come in.

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