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The call waiting alert on your computer is as unobtrusive as you can imagine. The toolbar is set up so it is small enough to not distract you but that you see it when a call comes in. While on a regular phone call the call waiting alert can be very annoying as it beeps into your conversation, the Internet call waiting alert is a scrolling graphic that you almost can't ignore but that doesn't disrupt your work.

If you were to think of the equivalent of the phone call waiting alert online, the alert would interrupt whatever you were doing and start typing or erasing something you were working on. Dealing with Internet call waiting, no matter who you go with, is usually less annoying than the horrible beeping when you're on the phone. So, exactly what can you expect from an Internet call waiting alert?

The Easy Process of a Call Waiting Alert Online

Most Internet answering machine toolbars are pretty small, roughly half an inch high and 5 inches wide. Some companies have a sound alert, others can have the toolbar flash and others simply bring the toolbar to your view and let you know who is calling. You can make the decision on whether to hear the caller or actually pick up your phone based on who is calling, rather than on just hearing the beep in your ear.

With a click of a button you can easily minimize the toolbar if you want to completely ignore the call or you can take a break and see who is calling and listen to the message once it downloads. The call waiting alert is subtle and allows you to manage your calls a bit better than a regular phone line or even an office phone. I can't tell you what is annoying or not for you when online, but I have no problem with seeing a toolbar displaying a message about who is calling.

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