Caller Id

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I remember when caller ID first came onto the market. It was such a great thing to be able to see who was calling you. The problem I remember having was that the caller ID service actually cost money, whether it was phone companies charging for it or the special phone you had to purchase at $50 a pop, it didn't seem worth it.

Even worse, while caller ID seemed great to be able to see if we knew who was calling, too many people were getting the "Private" or "Restricted" caller ID. It was even worse when telemarketers started disguising their phone numbers. Caller ID didn't seem worth it anymore.

Caller ID That Actually Works

The great thing about Internet call waiting is that you don't pay extra for caller ID. The software includes the caller ID option if you're with the right company. What was really great for my business is that the Internet call waiting software that I have is able to find a person's phone number even if their caller ID is blocked. While the software can't do this for every number, it has helped me with those clients who think I have their number and don't leave it for me on their messages.

Even if the caller couldn't be identified, the fact that I was getting a caller ID system for no extra cost was great. This way, I could see who was calling me while I was on or offline, depending on where I was. Inadvertently, the Internet answering machine software actually made Caller ID a bit more attractive for me.

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