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I have heard tales of Internet call waiting providers having complicated software and hardware that you have to figure out. I have also heard tales of providers making downloads so huge that downloading them on a dial-up connection is next to impossible. I am fortunate to not have had that experience and I'll attempt to explain why in this section about Caller ID software.

While some companies do offer a Caller ID service that only works with a Caller ID modem, others can use the Internet itself as a modem of sorts. This is what made my decision to go with Callwave an easy one. Callwave is known as the simplicity rules company when it comes to Caller ID software.

Easier Caller ID Software

It couldn't have been easier to download the Caller ID software and get on my way. The initial download was only about 150K, which downloaded in about 4 minutes. I know that there were other companies who seemed to forget they were offering a Caller ID download for a dial-up connection so it took upwards of 20 minutes to finish.

The caller ID software should also be easy to use, not just to install. The best services, in my opinion, are those that simply have a tool box on your screen once you install the software and reacts when it needs to. When a call comes in, the toolbar should tell you. The smaller and easier to read, the better. The last thing you want is a giant graphic taking over your computer screen!

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