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If you look up "ingenious" in the dictionary, Callwave should be there. At a time when people were frustrated with dial-up connections and busy signals, Callwave was developing a technology to help consumers. Throw in phone company deregulation, and Callwave is a phone company's worst nightmare.

Why is Callwave a company's worst nightmare? Callwave all but eliminates the need for a second phone line and for the phone company's $25 a month voice mail system. You won't have to pay extra for Caller ID and you don't have to worry about accidentally erasing a voice mail since you save it right to your computer's hard drive.

Callwave Wants To Save The Regular Person A Few Bucks

While you may have to deal with one or two advertisements during your free trial period, I think that is totally worth the money you'll save from not buying a second phone line or signing up for a voicemail system from your phone company. It's worth something to me that Callwave, according to a CNN article no less, started as a way to help people save money. Callwave is a perfectly legal way for consumers to save money from big companies.

I have been with Callwave for years now and I can't express my satisfaction with the service. As an Internet answering machine goes, the telemarketing blocker and Caller ID is enough to stop me from looking at other companies. Internet call waiting can cost you up to $30 a month; only Callwave offers the free trial period and added features like the ability to block telemarketers that other Internet call waiting providers can't offer.

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