Cheap Broadband Alternative

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So, you're still using a dial-up connection and don't really want to spend the $50 a month to upgrade to broadband or a cable modem, huh? Don't worry, you're not alone. For many people who don't live in high traffic areas, the only reason they think about upgrading is to get off the phone line. As such, many users look for a cheap broadband alternative to their Internet service.

Well, if this is the case, perhaps Internet call waiting is the product for you. Instead of the expense of broadband, you can sign up for online call waiting as a cheap broadband alternative that will allow you to receive calls online. In addition to no longer missing calls, your Internet call waiting service may offer Caller ID, downloadable messages and the option to block telemarketers from calling you. Not bad, huh?

A Cheap Broadband Alternative - Great For Students!

If you are a student and happen to attend a college or university that does not offer an ethernet connection but you don't want to rely on those busy computer labs to get online, Internet call waiting can help you be online and still keep a semi-civil relationship with your roommate. Split between two or four people, online call waiting is a perfect and cheap broadband alternative.

Depending on how many computers are in the apartment or dorm, you'll have no problem with messages getting delivered, especially if you and your roommates can remember to email messages or let you know there's been a call for you.

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