Computer Answering Machine

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Like your everyday Instant Messenger program, Internet call waiting can track when you're online. When you are online, the computer answering machine does its thing, immediately replaying messages for you while you're online. Even better, you can save the messages to your computer's hard drive so you can replay them later.

With your computer answering machine ready to go, you don't have to worry about missing calls online. What I very much like about the Internet answering machine is the fact that I can decide if I want to take a call when it comes in. In addition, the computer answering machine is more "proactive" about helping you out as it offers many more functions than most answering machines under $50.

Your Computer Answering Machine Gives You Options

With a system such as the Callwave Internet answering machine, a small box-like graphic appears on your computer screen. You'll hear an alert when a call comes in and you can see who is calling you thanks to the Caller ID. The graphic tells you when a person is calling and who it is, when they are hearing your outgoing message, when they are leaving a message and when the message is downloaded.

When a call comes in, you can choose to take the call, either by disconnecting from the Internet and calling back or by enabling the VoIP function and having a phone conversation over the computer. You can also choose to let the voice mail pick up and check the message right away, or save the message until a later time. Show me an answering machine that does this for less than $10 a month - I don't think you can.

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