Customer Service Call Centers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Major communications companies now establish customer service call centers where highly trained professional operators can answer questions, take orders, make changes to accounts, and even upsell your customers. These TSRs (telephone service representatives) often handle incoming calls for several different companies. They have almost instant access to policies, procedures, and even pricing for each company with programs that display the appropriate information depending on which telephone number is called.

Customer Service Call Centers Really Work

Customer service call centers are dedicated to providing incoming callers with the same level assistance that callers receive when they call directly to your company. This focus is supported by the technology described above and by extensive in-house training based on your specific input. In many cases, your training staff can actually provide the training to the TSRs.

The advantages to your company's bottom line are impressive. Your callers will have access to quality live assistance twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Instead of paying in-house staff to sit and wait for calls, you usually pay the call center based on an established minimum number of calls per specified time period. Excess calls are charged separately with call volumes reviewed frequently so that base numbers can be adjusted as needed.

You will save money as soon as you are paying by the call because, when they are not taking your calls, the TSRs of customer service call centers are working for and being paid through other companies. Your call dollars get you the best bang for your buck available in the business world today. Your use of call center operators also significantly reduces the number of dollars you have to invest in telephony technology.

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