Disaster Recovery

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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One of the most overlooked features of a total call management package for your business is disaster recovery. Your current voice mail provider can offer you every specialized premium service it has, but if there's no backup plan in place in the event of an emergency, those services are of little use. Buying a telecommunications package without a disaster recovery assurance is like plunking down money for your dream house but not investing in an insurance policy.

Depending on where you live, there are many different potential threats to your voice mail service. A broken water main, an electrical outage, or severe weather can interfere with power lines and disrupt otherwise functional servers. Or a fire, an earthquake, or some other natural disaster can halt all communications. If the servers dedicated to your office are down for days or even weeks, you could miss hundreds of calls, which in turn means thousands and thousands of dollars.

Look for the Disaster Recovery Clause

When you're signing up with a voice mail service, check to make sure the company has a backup server to handle any interruption of service. Many of these backup systems are located out of state, and are thus safe from whatever is causing the outage. Once your calls are deflected to that out-of-state server, they can be re-routed to your home phone, your mobile, or any other line you designate.

Nobody expects to have their telephone service or voice mail knocked out by a natural disaster. Then again, most people don't plan on having their homes carried off in a mudslide or flood, either. The least you can do in any business to help your chances for success is have an insurance policy, even for something as common as your voice mail service.

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