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So, have I mentioned that Call Wave is free? That's right, Call Wave offers their product on a free trial basis so you can decide if it's something you'd like to keep doing. When Call Wave was first on the market, the company offered a completely free Call Wave software version that was supported by ad banners.

Especially if you hate pop-ups, the pay version is great because for the extra few dollars a month, Call Wave works for you and you don't even have to know it's there until you get a phone call. While the earlier free Call Wave versions didn't have a minimize option for the Call Wave box, the newer version does. This means that you can ignore it until you receive a phone call and you decide how you'd like to deal with it.

Free Call Wave Lets You Decide What To Do

Unlike other Internet call waiting options, Call Wave let's you take a test run of its software before you decide to buy. When I first entered the world of Internet call waiting, many options were available to me. Because the last thing I wanted to do was subscribe to a service I knew nothing about, I decided to choose the free Call wave download for my computer.

From day one, Call Wave has been nothing but great for me and my business. When I decided to upgrade to the more expensive $10 a month system that included the telemarketer blocking and the option to find the phone numbers for those who have blocked Caller ID, I was only happier and more satisfied with the results. There was nothing for me to lose and I only gained the benefits of using Call Wave with my business. While you should check with you tax professional, I found out that my payments to Call Wave were tax-deductible--even more of a perk.

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