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I've been working a long time so you bet that I can multi-task. While I am the first to admit that some days are better days than others, I can generally handle a few things at once. Sometimes this multitasking works and other times I fail miserably and end up ruining a good half hour of work.

Once I got DSL service for my computer, I immediately began to use my regular phone to make calls while I was online. Like I said, multitasking was a good thing. Because I was on the phone and online, I began using the Internet call waiting service for DSL and was able to begin to hear callers online while I worked at the computer and sat on the phone with someone else.

My Ability to Hear Callers Online Makes Things Easy

What I mean when I say that to hear callers online makes things easy is that I can refer back to their online phone message when I speak with them on the phone. I usually only do this in extreme cases such as when an online voice mail says a client will pay me Friday and I call the client the next Monday and say, "I'm listening to your message right now and it clearly says you were going to pay Friday, would you like me to send you the message?"

If I happen to miss a call from an important client, the fact that I can hear callers online as they leave a message helps as well. I can see the client had called and, as I dial his or her number, I can hear the message they left and get ready for the call. Any Internet answering machine software that lets you hear callers online is a good service.

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