Hosted Pbx

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hosted PBX systems are those that are owned, managed, and maintained off-site by a separate company that's dedicated to the task. You, the business owner, essentially lease the equipment you need to make your communications network as simple and intuitive as possible without ever having to perform maintenance, upgrade models, or worry about bugs. Should any of these problems arise, it's the responsibility of your host company to resolve them without burdening you, which is perhaps the single greatest selling point of the service.

What can you do with hosted PBX? Not only can you avail yourself of all the bells and whistles you'd receive with a premise-based PBX (that is, one you own and operate yourself), but you also receive features that most box-based systems don't yet provide.
You also have the option of selecting providers that offer features that allow users to receive calls even when they aren't at their primary phone--a souped up version of call forwarding, if you will. Some providers will route calls automatically to a list of numbers for each user to ensure important calls aren't missed.

Customize Your Network

With hosted PBX you can pick and choose the calling and data-management features that you want and leave the rest. If you're running a call center, for example, opt for automatic call distribution (ACD) to spread your customers around evenly for your sales reps and receptionists. Choose to make all your employees' extensions available through alphabetical listing, or have all calls routed to a live attendant. The choice is yours.

Hosted PBX services let you choose exactly what your callers hear when they first get through. Greet them with different types of music, make product announcements and post other bulletins, or just choose to leave the line silent (which is often the best solution). Changing your custom options requires nothing more than a phone call to your PBX rep. Better still, in some cases, you can make modifications yourself without contacting your host company at all.

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