Inbound Call Centers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Why do companies use inbound call centers? In order for a company to consider outsourcing a major portion of its public identity, there must be good reasons to do so. Inbound call centers are designed to provide the smile, the professionalism, and the quality care provided by the company's own employees. This requires an extremely high level of skill and commitment on the part of the inbound call centers.

The company's expectation is that outsourcing inbound calls will result in an increase in customer satisfaction, more customers, greater efficiency, and a reduction in operating expenses. That's a tall order to fill. In order for the partnership to be effective, the company and the call center must be completely attuned to the goals on each side of the contract. Consistent communication and excellent training are crucial to meeting those goals.

Inbound Call Centers Options

Companies use different levels of the services provided by inbound centers. Beginning with message taking and going all the way up to order taking, account management, and sales, these call centers can make the difference the company desires in its bottom line and in the level of customer satisfaction. In many cases, the company provides procedures and scenarios requirements to the call center's training staff who then train the customer service representatives (CSRs) who will be answering the calls.

One of the reasons these CSRs cost the company less than in-house staff is that they are not sitting by the phone waiting for a call from one company. Many CSRs are trained to handle the requirements of two, three, or more companies. They have reference materials at their cubicles, often in individual binders for each company and on their computers. The company pays by the call or by the transaction, depending on the complexity of the transactions the CSRs have to handle and on base call volumes.

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