Inbound Order Entry

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Inbound order entry is a major focus of many call centers and professional answering services. The advantages of using a service are huge for internet vendors and those who use video, radio, or print media at intervals. In all of these cases, companies who handle the inbound order taking will work closely with you to establish protocols and scripts as well as media-specific responses.

Inbound Order Entry Options

You can choose either a call center or a professional answering service to handle your inbound order entry. Generally, the scope of your call volume and the amount of customer interaction are two of the major factors to consider when it comes to selecting a company to handle your calls. For example, a television infomercial may generate tens of thousands of calls in a short time, and many smaller communications companies may not be able to handle the sudden surge in volume.

Your order entry can also take several forms. Operators can enter orders directly on your database, or they can send them by email to your website. If you have a smaller company, they can even use an online form specifically designed for your objectives. The form can then be sent to you by a variety of means.

The most efficient way to handle inbound order entry is to send the orders directly to your database. This can be seamless depending on the integration capabilities of your system and the call center's system. Note that large call centers have an entire department and the latest technology available to provide for your staffing needs as determined by your advertising schedule.

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