Internet Answering Machine

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Internet call waiting serves as a sort of Internet answering machine. While the Internet call waiting software probably couldn't work on computers created 15 years ago, today's computers are more than capable of handling the memory the software uses. If you have a set of speakers hooked up to your computer, your Internet answering machine is almost set up.

If you're like me, you like to work in a quiet place. One of the reasons I decided to work from home was that I couldn't stand being in a busy office all day long. My home office doesn't have a phone in it and I actually turn off the ringer (now that I have DSL) on my phone when I'm working.

My Personal Internet Answering Machine

However, I am still able to have clients and receive business calls when I work. Internet call waiting is helpful because not only is it like an Internet answering machine, it also provides me with caller ID, meaning I can see who is calling me and decide if I want to talk to them or have them leave a message. Like any answering machine, I can choose to turn the sound off on my computer and work in complete silence, or turn it up and hear the phone message being left for me.

While the Internet call waiting idea did sound a bit futuristic to me when I first heard about it, it didn't take long to see how receiving calls online was so obvious and necessary. My computer already served as my radio, my DVD player and viewer, and my fax machine, why wouldn't I use it as an answering machine?

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