Internet Call Answering

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In addition to being quite useful to you and your business, Internet call answering is quite fun. Ever since I got the technology to actually talk to callers online via VOIP, I can't get enough of it. While I rarely use this feature for clients, I enjoy speaking to family and friends online while I work.

Answering calls online can mean a couple of different things to different Internet call waiting companies. This is why you have to be very careful to read the fine print and make sure you're getting the services you think you are getting. Internet call answering can mean clicking offline so you can answer your actual phone when you see a call come in or actually being able to talk to a caller over the Internet.

Internet Call Answering Is An Oft Used Term

Some Internet answering machine companies may try to trick you into believing that you can talk to people over the Internet as a way to answer your calls. I was a victim of this misunderstanding when I tried another company's software and found out that what the company actually meant by Internet call answering was simply the fact that your call was being answered by the Internet software program. I couldn't speak to the caller and I couldn't even get offline and answer the phone!

After that nasty experience, I made it a point to really read up about a company. Callwave allows you to actually talk to someone via your computer but you have to have the proper VOIP service (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and this can be a little more expensive because it is an additional program. You don't need the VOIP to simply click offline to make your phone ring so you can answer an important incoming call you've been told about by the Internet call manager.

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