Internet Call Manager

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When I first purchased the Internet call waiting software, I realized that the software was almost like a personal assistant. This Internet call manager helped me prioritize phone calls and really made me multi-task. I have to admit that many of my clients were in awe of the product and had me explain to them what the call manager did for me and how it benefited my business.

Internet Call Manager for Dial-Up or DSL

When I switched from a dial-up connection to DSL, I wondered why I would need the Internet answering machine software. After speaking with my customer service representative, I learned about the Internet call manager features available for DSL users. The busier I got with my business, the more I needed the call manager, especially since working out of my home meant the phone would ring with calls to my wife, my two daughters, my son and myself.

Through my DSL connection, I was still able to see who was calling with the display box on my computer screen. If a call was for a member of my family, I'd let the machine pick it up. If the call was for me, I knew to pick up the phone or I could decide to let the caller leave a message, but I at least knew who called and when. While the initial awe of the software has worn off, I don't underestimate how much the Internet call manager has helped me do my work better.

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