Internet Call Waiting Software

Written by kennycaple
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While it's rare that you hear of Internet call waiting in an everyday conversation, the Internet seems to be teeming with Internet call waiting software just waiting to be downloaded onto a computer. I'll recap a few of my Internet call waiting basics in this section, with hopes that you'll be able to choose an Internet call waiting device that is best for you and your business.

I think that there are two keys to choosing which Internet answering machine software you're going to use. The first is how long it takes for the Internet call waiting software to download and the second is whether you can get a free trial of the software before you have to purchase it. The cost of the software is important, to be sure, but it should not be your primary concern as you first want to be sure you're computer can handle the software and that you can use the call waiting software before paying for it.

The Best Internet Call Waiting Software Is Not Free

When I first tried out Callwave for my Internet call waiting software, it was a free service. As the company upgraded its technology, however, the free gave way to a few dollars a month. Since I was unable to get voice mail on my phone line from my phone company, I happily paid the fee for an Internet answering machine. Once Callwave started offering a chance to block telemarketers, I was sold and paid for the premium services the company offered.

The important thing to remember is that you don't actually get anything for free. With the free Call Wave service, the company had ads appearing on its device for 20 seconds at a time. It got a little annoying for me, but I now don't have to worry about that since I am paying for the service. As far as Internet call waiting software goes, it's worth the money and it actually has saved me quite a bit of money and business, since I am no loner missing calls while online nor did I have to shell out $30 a month for a second phone line.

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