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The fact that Internet phone service doesn't cost more than $10 a month was attractive enough for me to sign up. I should say that a total Internet phone service package including the feature used to block telemarketers and Caller ID should cost no more than $10 a month. Some companies do charge that much but don't offer all the great features, so be careful.

Internet phone service can probably help you as much as it helped me. In the long run, as a small business owner, the Internet phone service is saving me hundreds of dollars a year. My personal satisfaction for the product over many years of using it only encouraged me to talk more about Internet call waiting.

What An Internet Phone Service Can Do For You

Right off the bat, the Internet phone service plan you choose should block telemarketers. If it sounds like I have telemarketers on the brain, I do. Telemarketers are really irritating and anything that gets rid of them is a good product. In any case, in addition to blocking telemarketers, your Internet phone service should offer Caller ID, the ability to go offline and take an incoming call and the ability to download and store messages so you can hear them later and again.

In my experience, Internet phone service can replace costly "office" phones for companies with 1-30 or so employees. These phones usually come with pretty expensive service that you have to call every time you get a new staff member that needs an extension or when daylight savings time hits and the automated clock needs changing. While I am a pretty small business, I can only speak for myself so if you're larger you may want to do a bit more of a price comparison.

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