Live Order Taking Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Live order taking services are integral parts of the television retail market. When I see an infomercial that piques my interest, I sometimes get out my credit card and make a call. I definitely want to talk to a live person. I almost always have questions about the product I'm buying or about the shipping. The more expensive the product, the more questions buyers will have, and the more they want to talk to someone who can answer those questions.

Benefits of Live Order Taking Services

The advantages to the customer are obvious. The customer gets to have questions answered and the assurance that the product will do what the ad says it will. The advantages to the seller are even more impressive. By using live order taking services, the seller has the option of creating upselling opportunities. Upselling is a major methodology used by many businesses: "Buy our fantastic new hair dryer and the travel case is only $5.95."

The vendor is able to take advantage of the customer's desire for the whole package, so to speak. Operators are often told that the offer for added product parts or services is available at the "incredible price" only during this call. Limited time offers are one way to get the customer to buy more.

Live order taking services have one more serious advantage over automated order systems. The opportunity to confirm customer data and to have a third party also confirm the sale is much more likely when the customer is talking to live operators. When an incorrect credit card number is repeated by an automated voice, for example, the customer may just hang up rather than try to enter it again. It's a proven fact that it is much more difficult to hang up on a person than on a machine!

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