Live Phone Answering Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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While some businesses believe that they can take care of their customers by providing an answering machine or a complicated message system during the hours they are closed, hundreds of thousands of owners and managers recognize the inherent value of having live phone answering services. Live phone answering services can be the single most important factor in reducing costly customer churn. Think about it. Logically, a live person has a much better chance of saving an account in crisis than any machine could ever approach.

Find Live Phone Answering Services Online

Quality live phone answering services are now a presence on the Internet. This means that you can look for a service that specializes in handling your specific type of business. For those times when your business is closed or you want to conduct a company-wide staff meeting, turning your phones over to a live service means that your customers will continue to get great service while you train your team or discuss changes in benefits.

Having access to a live service when a weather emergency threatens or a crisis disrupts your business can be a godsend, keeping your business afloat while you clean up the mess or giving you the option to notify your customers of an outage with a more personal touch. If your customers have questions, a live operator can respond to them effectively. In addition, a live phone answering service saves you money and customers.

You may have great customer service representatives waiting hours each day for the phone to ring so that they can sell, upsell, or save accounts. The problem is that they must be paid even when the phones aren't ringing. When you add up salaries, breaks, lunches, vacations, and benefits, each call they handle can be outrageously expensive. The major benefit of using a live phone answering service is the amount of money it saves you and the number of satisfied customers who stay with you.

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