Making Internet Phone Calls

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Oftentimes, people ask about making Internet phone calls when they actually want information on receiving Internet phone calls. The idea is that people look for ways of allowing people to reach them while they are online. There are companies that let you actually make a phone call online through software that is compatible with the Internet call waiting software.

When a person calls you and you are online and you have Internet call waiting software, the caller doesn't actually have to know you're online. It's rare that every person calling you will realize that they are making Internet phone calls to you unless they hear the outgoing message that explains what is happening. The first time I called someone who had the answering machine software on their computer, I thought it was great that I was leaving a message and that it would play on tier computer while they were online.

Making Internet Phone Calls Doesn't Cost The Caller Money

Because your client or friend or family member is calling you on a regular phone line that is equipped with Internet call waiting, that caller is only charged for whatever their phone company charges. Basically, making Internet phone calls is an option you provide to someone when you install the online voice mail so you're picking up the tab for the cool service. If you decide not to actually speak to the caller online, their voice mail is played when you want to hear it and you can decide to call back on a landline or your cell phone.

Just the technologically advanced aspect of the Internet call waiting option should be enough to convince you that you don't need to spend an extra $20 a month on a second phone line. Making Internet phone calls is a great service to clients, especially when they need to reach you right away. Getting automatically transferred to your cell phone when you're away from your desk is something a client appreciates, especially if they are on the run and don't have your second or third phone number with them.

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