Missing Calls

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Missing calls costs you business and can cost you clients. I don't have to explain this to you and I won't I actually hesitated in starting my home-based business because I worried that my inability to switch over to DSL right away would put me in a hell of missing calls while online.

It was even more frustrating when I had my family hounding me about them missing calls when I was online with my work. As I built up my client base I realized I needed a change but I was wary of getting a second phone line specifically for my office--it just didn't make sense at the time. It was my frustration, fear and desperation about the phone situation in my home that made me look into Internet call waiting.

No Longer Missing Calls

Maybe if my business were a bit bigger and if I didn't have such a large family, I would have never thought to get an Internet call manager over a separate phone line. I'm actually thankful that I was such a small operation because even with an expanded business, I am no longer missing calls when I'm online or on another call. The fact that the software can find me on my cell phone and tell me who is calling is great for me as I get farther from being in the office all day long.

I can't sing the praises of telemarketer blocking enough. As a small business start-up you can bet everyone was trying to sell me something. Now, I don't waste my time with telemarketing calls (which was making me miss calls) and I can tell who is calling me whether I'm on another line or happen to be on the dial up connection in my family room.

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