Online Call Waiting

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Like online Caller ID, online call waiting is part of the "Total Package" of Internet call waiting. Your online call waiting service should be able to work wonders for you. The size of the wonders depends on which company you choose to stop you from missing calls online and how much you decide to pay for that service.

Online call waiting has undergone a sort of plastic surgery of sorts in recent years. When Callwave first introduced its online call waiting, the toolbar was large and not very subtle. In addition, the toolbar couldn't be minimized because Callwave had to offer its advertisers a guarantee of sorts that subscribers would have to see the ads.

The New Face of Online Call Waiting

After a few years and the decision to begin charging for something that was once free, Callwave has made its toolbar smaller, more manageable and less obtrusive. I can assure you that Callwave cares about its customer's needs. While the free trial may have some ads, it's worth sitting through the ads to try out the features Callwave has to offer in terms of online call waiting.

As services go, Internet call waiting gives you a lot for your money. Most of the major Internet call waiting providers have several different features to their software that can help you choose a company that works for you. Online call waiting should be a given but perks such as saving messages and blocking telemarketers are only offered by a couple of providers such as Callwave.

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