Online Order Taking

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Online order taking benefits both the seller and the consumer of a product. Have you ever visited a website and found a product you really wanted to buy only to find that you had to call long distance to contact the seller? Have you ever made the call only to find that the company is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays every other week? Most people who want to buy on the Internet do it because it is convenient and, sometimes, less expensive. Take away the convenience and low cost, and you take away the sale.

Online Order Taking Options

If you're the seller, you want to make sure that your customers can buy your product even at 2 am! Of course, you probably don't want to be manning your computer at that time, so what do you do? Clearly, the answer is that you establish an online order taking capability. This is not as complicated as it sounds, but you will have to do some legwork.

How complex your online order taking will be depends on the product or products you are selling. The more products and options you have, the more you need a shopping card system. This allows your customers to browse through several different pages of your website and to add products to the cart that they think they might want to buy. When they get to the end of your product list, they then have the option to either select each item in the cart or to delete it.

It's important that you provide secure online credit card ordering options for your customers and that you clearly state this on the pages of your website. You must also have the capability of following through quickly with deliveries, and you should provide a return option and a product guarantee. There are several online call centers with the expertise to help you to establish your online sales presence. Look for a full-service call center and check for an "Internet Services" page.

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