Online Ordering

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Online ordering options come in more shapes and sizes than you might think. When you contract with an answering service to handle your customers' concerns during those times when your business is closed, you can now access a wider range of services than ever. In addition to providing your customer with a positive response to what he perceives as a negative experience, a live voice on the line can offer options that an answering machine cannot. One of the most popular additional services is online ordering.

Advanced online answering services can offer order taking using your company website. Orders and service changes can be forwarded to your location at specified times along with general messages. Today's technology allows your answering service to send your messages and handle online ordering by fax, by email, on the Internet, or even by pager.

Find Online Ordering Services

If you're considering upgrading to a professional answering service that offers the latest options, you can find one on the Internet. Most services provide a comprehensive list of the services they can support. Obviously, the most important advantage any answering service can offer is the quality of its operators and the extent of their training.

Online order taking is the next step. Accessing the order option means that your customers can add to their service levels when you're not available to assist them. It gives you and your staff the freedom to relax without worrying about losing clients or missing sales. It is simple to set up and reasonably priced, within the range of even many small companies.

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