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The option of getting online voice mail for my business turned into a clear cut decision once I priced office phones. I learned that not only would I have to pay a good price for the phone, I'd also have to sign on to a phone service that would allow me to manage the calls with the phone. Because I wanted a voice mail program that I could record an outgoing message for and the people could leave me messages whether I decided to hear the ringer or not, I was in for a significant per month cost for a phone system.

Online voice mail gave almost the same service in addition to Caller ID, telemarketer blocking and the ability to receive calls while online. The price difference between the two was about $30 a month in favor of online voice mail. The fact that with online voice mail I could download messages and hear them right away was an added bonus to being able to see who was calling me when a call came in, which is not something the office phone could have done.

Online Voice Mail Isn't Perfect, But It's Close

The one drawback to online voice mail is that the service doesn't allow you to record a number of different outgoing messages that you can save and have play when you need them to. When I'm out of the office, I like to let clients know this on the outgoing message and offer them a number at which they can reach me. I'm a bit lazy and would rather switch back to my normal outgoing message than have to re-record it every time.

However, because of the call forwarding feature that comes with online voice mail, I don't actually have to let a client know where I am, because I can have certain calls forwarded to my cell phone, which means I get the calls whether or not I'm in the office. Online voice mail beats regular voice mail especially since, with the online answering machine, I can scroll and see who called me like I would on my cell phone and call right back. The benefits of the online voice mail service are great and you'll probably find things that are especially worthwhile to you once you try a free trial and see what the software can do.

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