Order Entry

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Answering services order entry just may be able to save your business both time and money. Depending on the nature of your business and how far its order technology has advanced, you can now contract with an answering service that will provide you with the option of selling your products or services when your doors are not open. Generally, you should look for a service that will spend a reasonable amount of time teaching its operators about your policies and procedures. The better the training, the more midnight sales you are likely to get.

Answering service order entry can take many forms. It can be accomplished by allowing the service's operators access to your website. It can also be done manually using order entry forms developed for the purpose. The forms would then be faxed over to you along with general messages and customer concerns each morning. With trained, friendly, professional operators handling your customer calls and taking orders, your bottom line can be improved.

Order Entry Services Online

Today you can find answering services online that offer a wide range of options, from simple message taking to technician dispatch to order taking and sales. You will usually be charged by the minutes the operators are on the phones or by the number of calls they handle. In most cases, you will contract for a specific number of calls for a stated price. If the number of calls handled exceeds the specified number, you will be charged on a per-call basis at what is often a higher rate.

Whether your company is large or small, you may also be able to use the services of a call center. There, operators often handle from one to five or so business's calls. Sitting in a fully equipped cubicle, these operators will have fast, easy access to the policies and procedures for your company, including both on screen and in 3-ring binders for backup purposes. Again, your callers will not know that they are talking to someone outside of your business unless you give the call center the option to make that statement.

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