Order Entry Outsourcing

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Order entry outsourcing is one way to reduce costs while growing your business. For example, if you are just now recognizing that you need to have personnel dedicated to answering customer calls, you are probably also getting frustrated with the amount of time they spend waiting for the phone to ring. This is typical of businesses that are growing, and it is very expensive.

Save with Order Entry Outsourcing

Think about the salaries and benefits you are incurring for one or more customer service representatives. Consider the cost of extra phone lines and the more sophisticated telephone equipment you will need to purchase. Then there is the cost of analyzing call frequency and patterns so that you can staff appropriately. Even with all that effort and cost, you are still watching your reps doing crossword puzzles and filing their nails.

Order entry outsourcing may be an excellent interim solution to your problem. Instead of paying the full salaries for people to sit and wait for calls, you can outsource and pay a call center for a specified number of calls or on a per-call basis. These operators will be answering calls for your company as well as others. You pay only for the time they spend on your customers.

Online you can find call centers that offer a variety of order entry outsourcing payment options and task support. The plans usually start with a specified number of calls and actions for a base monthly fee. If more calls come in, you will most likely be charged by the call and action combination. Your in-house customer service representatives can then be utilized for other necessary activities while the call center grows your business for you. When the call volume warrants it, you can establish your own call center, or you can revise your contract with the center to which you outsourced customer calls.

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