Order Taking Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Use order taking services to maximize your resources. Today's telephone answering service companies do far more than simply take messages from irate or stressed out customers while your business is closed for the night and weekends. Keeping pace with the latest telephony technology and the expanding needs of their clients, these services offer a wide range of additional options that can make a serious difference to your bottom line. For example, going beyond taking messages about customer concerns can mean a higher percentage of customer retention.

Order taking services are among the most popular added options for many businesses. They allow the company to virtually "sell" every hour of every day. Order taking services can include access to your website or limited access to your database. It can also be accomplished using paper or online order forms that can be faxed or transmitted to your in-house customer service personnel for entry in the morning.

Order Taking Services Improve Profits

While saving a customer is often the most valuable function an answering service can provide, adding a new customer or adding services to an existing customer's account can also mean a direct impact on your revenue. The most critical factor in the success of this type of relationship with your phone service is how well their operators are trained on your procedures and how effectively they can represent you to your customers. Training is the key.

Find a service that offers order taking while, at the same time, works with you to insure that their operators are as knowledgeable as your own about your expectations for each call. If you offer a service with added features, the operators must be kept as up to date as your in-house staff. If you sell products, the operators must know about new or improved products as soon as they are ready to be sold. One final point--some answering services will offer you the opportunity to monitor calls received on your lines. Take advantage of that feature.

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