Phone Answering Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When you need phone answering services, help is just a click away when you take your search online. Some business owners and managers believe that the only time they need phone answering services is when they are closed at night or on the weekends. While having a service during those down times is certainly a major benefit in terms of customer satisfaction, there are several other times when an answering service can be of benefit to your bottom line. If you want to take every call and make every sale or solve every problem, you will want phone answering services that will also cover for you under other circumstances.

For example, smaller businesses or branches of large companies sometimes need to have employee meetings that include all of the members of the team. When you are changing or adding benefits or doing training on a new operating system, you want everyone there at one time so that each employee is on the same page. Contracting with an answering service that can cover your phones for a one-hour meeting or an all-day training session gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't miss a customer.

Phone Answering Services in Emergencies

While emergencies are fairly rare, they can and do happen. Some areas of the country are prone to severe thunderstorms every afternoon all summer. Power goes out. Computers go down. If your company is in one of those areas, you can lose several afternoons a month to weather.

What if there is a fire or a gas leak on your block that disrupts your business? Tornadoes, winter snowstorms, and hurricanes can put you out of business for much more than an afternoon. So can floods. If your answering service is in another area of the country or just across the state, you can turn the phones over to them and send your staff home to be with their families. Meanwhile your customers may be dealing with the same emergencies, but, in many cases, they will be able to talk to an operator who can help them.

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