Phone Line Basics

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How can the Internet answering machine software work if you're using your phone line to get online? That was the first question I asked when I learned about the Internet call waiting software. I looked into this (while I may not be a computer genius, I am a bit of a geek) and learned a little about phone line basics and how the phone line works with the software.

Obviously, your computer uses your phone line to connect to the Internet if you have a dial up connection. It seems pretty basic to say that if your phone line is being used to be online, it can't be used for something else. This is sort of true and I'll try to, as non-technically as possible, describe what happens to you phone line when you're online and the basics of how the Internet call waiting service works.

Phone Line Basics In Relation To Internet Call Waiting

Your phone line basics don't change at all when you sign up for an Internet call waiting service. Think about it this way, if you have an instant messaging device, it knows when you come online and can tell you when people want to talk to you. The same is true for your Internet call waiting service. The software installs what you can see as Internet phone lines that find you rather than a hard phone line that you answer.

The official phrase for this is software-based local exchange services, not phone line basics. I can't break it down to basics or tell you what it means other than to give you the analogy of the IM device. So, you can see that your phone line is actually not used to deliver a phone call once your initiate your service with an Internet call waiting provider. Does this make a little bit of sense?

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