Phone Text Messaging

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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One unique way for your answering service to notify you of customer calls and concerns is to forward them to your cell phone using phone text messaging. Most cell phone companies provide that service either free or for a minimal charge. If your answering service offers this option, you will be able to assess calls much more rapidly and will be able to prioritize your responses.

Phone Text Messaging Options

Some people create a few simple codes for frequently used phrases in their particular industry, or they abbreviate customer names. This allows for more additional information in the text message itself. Phone text messaging is done phone to phone by "typing" letters once, twice, or three times using the numbers on your phone. The message is displayed on the phone's display screen and then sent to another phone using a contact list.

Phone text messaging can also be done via computer email and instant messaging. In some cases, the receiver is charged per message, but the cost to a business person is usually minimal compared to the convenience of having messages within a minute or two. Phone text messaging has changed the pace at which you can conduct your business, allowing you to have more control and potentially improving customer satisfaction.

Many cell phone users today have not even begun to tap the business applications of phone text messages. At the same time, the use of personal phone text communications is increasing exponentially. Families can stay in touch; parents can contact their adolescent children without embarrassing them in front of friends. By taking the lead and utilizing this powerful tool for your business, you can get more out of cell phone technology than ever before.

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