Second Phone Line

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Depending on where you live, a second phone line can cost up to $30 a month (I've heard more but I refuse to believe that a phone company would charge that much). While some people can absolutely justify a second phone line, a teenager in the house, for instance, I think that a second phone line is generally a waste of money. I believe this especially if your reason to get a second phone line is to alleviate the busy signal while someone is online.

Like the people who think that the additional $4 a month to get call waiting and three way calling is a waste, I think a second phone line doesn't make sense. I went through the research and found that it doesn't work out in the bigger financial picture. Once I found out about the Internet answering machine, and how it worked, I knew I'd never spend money on a second phone line.

A Second Phone Line Doesn't Get You Far

The way I looked at it with my family is that having a second phone line just meant more people on the phones. A second phone line would be used like the first, eventually resulting in the need for a third or fourth phone line. It's sort of like putting out more candy for the guests at a children's party--it will get eaten and the kids will be demanding more candy.

I realized that the need for a second phone line came from a fear of missing calls. When I explained to my family that the Internet call waiting device would show us who was calling as they called with the Internet Caller ID software, they stopped panicking. When I showed them how we could actually talk to the caller while online, they agreed that this software was so much more reliable and necessary than a second phone line.

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