Small Business Answering Services

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Let me tell you what I know about small business answering services. I know this only because I have worked at a small business that made the switch to small business answering services. It was a switch that in my opinion ranks right up there with choosing the bald eagle over the turkey as America's bird and symbol.

My Experience with Small Business Answering Services

The company I worked for had around 25 to 30 employees at the time of the switch. We had extreme difficulty with hiring and then keeping qualified, competent office personnel like personal assistants and receptionists. Because the nature of our business meant that almost everyone spent most of their time in the field, and me being the only one permanently at our main office besides the company president and other management, these duties fell squarely on me.

Between my normal duties I was required to perform all the office work. I had to answer incoming calls then decide if they needed immediate attention or if I could take a message. Not knowing what every employee in the field had in their basket at every moment, I often was wrong about what to prioritize and what could wait. Then I had to process orders and answer general questions. It all got very hectic.

On the eve of my imminent break down, our salvation came. Instead of recruiting, training, and maintaining a new staff in-house, and rather than allow me to go over the brink, we chose small business answering services instead. We outsourced lots of our secretarial functions to them, which they can now do at all hours of the day. Our company is better than ever and my sanity is still in tact. Well, mostly anyway.

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