Small Business Phones

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Regrettably, many small businesses manage to overlook their phone systems when setting up their offices, a fact that can lead to costly overhauls and upgrades. In their haste to get leases signed, equipment ordered, ads placed, and customers signed up, too many owners pay scant attention to how their communications systems ought to be structured. In the end, some of these businesses operate with a single phone line that's shared with a fax line and, in some rare instances, a dial-up modem.

There's a much easier and better way to handle the complicated telecommuting needs of today's mobile business. VoIP technology (when hosted by an outside company, especially) can provide a quick and easy solution to your networking problems. Rather than spending between $30,000-$60,000 for a new in-house phone system (that all employees will need to learn to use as well as service) that may just need to be replaced in five to ten years, think about the benefits of outsourcing your telecommunication.

How Does VoIP Benefit Small Businesses?

Small businesses are the ones that feel the greatest impact from cost-saving solutions such as VoIP networks, as those savings represent a greater percentage of their total revenues. The startup costs are minimal when making the switch; all you'll need is a batch of internet telephones, the proper software, and a handful of headsets and microphones. Of course, if you're just laying the groundwork for your small business you'll save even more, as there's no outdated phone system that must be scrapped.

For most small businesses, saving time and money are of paramount importance. Most managers and/or owners simply want to worry about the important things: services, clients, etc. They do not want the added worry of selecting an expensive phone system and then carrying that debt through the first year of business. The reasonable cost of VoIP packages (and the ability to have the entire package outsourced) is giving many small business owners peace of mind. Paying a monthly per-user fee is a much smarter pricing model than paying separately for local, long distance, and internet service.

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