Talking Emails

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Talking emails represent a major breakthrough in telecommunications technology. You no longer have to work to decipher a typed message's subtext, since talking email lets you hear your recordings exactly as they were left. Just click on your email, sit back, and listen to your message just as though you were listening to someone speaking right there in the room.

Say you need to conduct a conference call or demonstration, and can't be there in person to describe every detail. With talking emails your recipients can follow along with your voice as you give instructions or fill in details of an earlier message. If you send an attachment in Word, Excel, or any other application, you can explain any vague or difficult information in your very own voice.

Personalize Your Communications with Talking Email

Most people would agree that technology has made leaps and bounds in just the past five or ten years. But new developments in computing and telecommunications are only effective if they're easily adaptable to our already hectic lives. For many people, it's simply not worth the extra effort to decode a new, complicated device or application.

With talking emails, there's nothing to figure out. You already know how to use email and probably even log on every day. Simply speak into your phone as though you were leaving a voice mail, then send your message via email to one, two, or two hundred different recipients--it's that simple. Talk to your voice mail services provider about about adding this convenient option to your current call management package.

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