Telecom Programs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A lot of business owners never consciously think of their communications systems as telecom programs. When you stop and consider what it is they're designed to do, though--namely, help owners and managers streamline their businesses and increase their profits--the label is a fitting one. Just as software programs are built to achieve specific tasks, so too are telecom programs meant to address particular needs for businesses.

In the interests of streamlining, many businesses have begun to consider linking up with a hosted VoIP provider. VoIP is available in non-managed solutions, too, but many companies simply don't want the burden of looking after their own network (or of fielding the outlying expense that comes along with purchasing the equipment). It's far simpler and cost-effective for many to hand the reins over to a provider, who then carries the burden of ensuring network uptime.

How to Know if VoIP Solutions Are Right for You

This may not be such an issue for a large, multi-national corporation; they've probably got the resources and infrastructure to build and manage such a network on their own. However, what if you've got a Los Angeles office and a London office, with about forty employees? Your situation is not so complicated that it can't be managed in-house, but the time it would take to do so (not to mention either creating or diverting a couple of employees into a full-time IT management department) may not be in your best interest.

The convenience of an operational expense versus the burden of a capital expenditure is what's at the root of this decision. Which is right for you? If your business has recently (in the past two years) purchased a brand new on-site PBX system, the time may not be right to make the switch just yet. You would want to get a few more good years of usage out of your new system. However, for those facing the daunting task of buying and installing such a system in the next six months or year might be pleased at the prospect of outsourcing that task entirely.

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