Telemarketer Blocking

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I think it's time I shared a dirty little secret with you. I used to be a telemarketer for a non-profit theater company. Even though I was raising money for a great cause, I flinched each time someone would pick up the phone who knew I was calling to sell them something. Worse, was when they weren't in the mood and they let me know that, either by giving me a hard time or actually insulting me.

Regardless, I feel very strongly that telemarketer blocking is a good thing to do. While I occasionally feel bad about telemarketer blocking for some non-profits, especially the arts, the majority of calls aren't from non-profit arts organizations. Internet call waiting software that is a bit more sophisticated, such as CallWave, can be very successful at telemarketer blocking because of how they do it.

How Telemarketer Blocking Works

Most telemarketers use an automated dialing system that dials your number from a computer of some sort. In addition, they block their Caller ID so you don't know with a typical Caller ID feature, if the person calling is a telemarketer or a friend whose Caller ID is disabled. Kind of tricky, isn't it? Well, trickier is CallWave's response to this.

CallWave takes those numbers with the combination automated dialer and the blocked Caller ID and tricks that system into thinking your phone is disconnected, thereby deleting your number from their registry of people to call. Because it's rare that non-profits have that combination (they usually hand dial the phone or don't have a blocked Caller ID) you can block the evil telemarketers while keeping your university or local theater afloat. You can see that telemarketer blocking has gotten a bit sophisticated and only a few companies have kept up.

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