Toll Free Voice Mail

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Equipping your office with toll free voice mail has its appeal. Instead of dragging in new equipment and setting up a radically retooled phone system, simply invest in an 800 voice mail number and your problems are solved, right? Well, as it turns out, not really. Oftentimes 800 voice mail is an even bigger hassle than an outdated call management system.

The catch with toll free voice mail is that it's rarely toll free. While your callers may not have to pay any additional fees to reach you, you are frequently charged for their calls. Somebody is always footing the bill on every call, which means if it's not your customers and it's not your voice mail company, it's probably you.

An Alternative to Toll Free Voice Mail

Instead of buying a new phone number and memorizing even more digits and codes, you may want to set up an integrated call-management system. There are companies on the market that can outfit you with everything you need to handle even the highest call volume, and without having to invest in new equipment. Many times your voice mail company can customize your services right there with you while you're waiting.

Your callers' ability to reach you and hear a human voice is one of the most important determinants of your success. While it's unreasonable to suppose that every call can be personally answered, it's not unthinkable to handle every call with the care your clients expect and deserve. In an increasingly competitive business climate with shrinking margins, the difference between a customer won and a customer lost is often only a matter of the service you provide. If your callers can't get the best customer care from you, they can probably get it from your competitors.

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