Virtual Office

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With so many useful features available with most voicemail services, you can take your virtual office with you wherever you travel. If you're on a plane three times a week checking in on customers around the country or chasing new leads, you depend on a highly efficient system of relaying your messages. You may have an assistant with whom you "roll" calls, or you may simply have a machine set up at your desk.

Whatever system you currently have in place, it's easy to upgrade to a virtual office with just a few select options. You can have voice mail delivered to your email or even Internet-based voicemail that communicates with all your wireless accessories. Add to that call-forwarding, and even if you can't pick up the phone at the moment, you'll always know the minute a call arrives. You can then get back to your most promising leads first and put off the less promising ones for later.

More Features of Your Virtual Office

There are plenty of other outstanding call management options you can sign up for when you decide to install a new, updated communications system. Talking emails are one of the most popular features, and let you record messages into your phone, then beam them via email to multiple recipients. When they open your message, they hear your voice with all its inflections, which is far easier than trying to decode a page of smiley faces and other expressions meant to "soften" the tone of typed text on a screen.

Most people assume that these features are prohibitively costly, and that their small business can't afford them. In reality, a lot of packages are affordable and sometimes even cheaper than what they're currently paying for lesser service. Talk to your office manager or communications specialist about customizing a package that's right for your business so that you have only those extras you know you need. That way you can cut costs by avoiding the premium services you'll never use.

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