Virtual Pbx

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A virtual PBX offers all the same benefits of an on-site phone system that receives, routes, and stores calls to your business. With a virtual PBX, you can connect all your employees together, no matter where they are, on one common network that allows them to share calls and swap information. But a virtual PBX costs only a fraction of the price of a full-scale on-site phone system.

Set up an automated attendant, or rotate customized greetings according to time of day. Or connect your incoming calls to a central directory or any of a number of different fax machines. You can even connect your calls to a "never busy" fax that stores and prints messages in the order they become available. Still, your customers will never hear a busy signal.

More Benefits of Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX gives your company the appearance of a large-scale, streamlined, and highly sophisticated office, even if you only have a handful of workers. This is a critical perception for your would-be customers as they're deciding where to take their business. If you can provide your prospects with responsive and quality customer care at half the cost of your conglomerate competitors, whom do you think those prospects will choose to handle their needs?

Don't settle for a simple answering machine that can quickly fill up and prove hard to manage. With a first-rate voice mail setup you can handle hundreds of calls daily by routing them to the proper destinations as soon as they arrive, and all without the use of a receptionist, which saves you even more. Try that with your garden variety answering machine and see how far you get.

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