Voice Mail Service

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Almost every company in business uses some sort of voice mail service to record incoming calls. Those that don't, at the very least, usually have a telephone answering machine. If customers call your business and can't get through to a live human being, there has to be some medium in place to help your company field questions and take orders.

If there's no system in place whatsoever, and the phone simply rings and rings, guess what? Your prospective clients are simply going to thumb through the phone book or surf the web and find your competitor, who will be glad to provide the services they need. But even if you have a voice mail service in place, you may not be maximizing its benefits.

Residential Versus Business Service

Have you ever signed up for residential phone service with your local phone company? The low price you thought you'd receive quickly skyrockets as the rep you're speaking with introduces you to a host of additional options. From call waiting and three-way calling to fax and e-mail services, they have a seemingly endless array of extras that you probably don't need. But many people end up paying for them anyway, simply to get off the phone, or because they think they're receiving a great deal.

If your friends call you and you're not home, chances are--if they're loyal friends--they'll call back eventually. The same is not true, however, when it comes to business. Most modern workplaces keep a blistering pace throughout the day. Quotes are given, prices are negotiated, orders are placed and fulfilled, and services are rendered, all in the blink of an eye. Any interruption to that pace can mean the loss of a sale, or worse, loss of a client or customer.

Total Voice Mail Service

Given the rapid speed with which business is conducted, those services you rarely need at home--the ones mentioned above--can quickly become huge assets that help you gain a competitive advantage. Add to that more cutting-edge options such as Internet voice mail and "talking" e-mail, and you're presented with a whole range of previously unthinkable business solutions. Gone are the days of handwritten messages, which have a built-in likelihood for error.

In fact, modern voice mail service means you can toss your fax and your pager. Some tech-savvy business executives have even gone without administrative assistants, simply because the latest phone, e-mail, and voice mail services are so superb. Of course, you don't need to be tech-savvy to use a complete call-management system. Many providers have made it simple to upgrade by taking on the full burden of equipment and maintenance. In many cases, you don't need to buy a single accessory to get all the advantages of great voice mail service.

All the Information You Need

You can cut wasteful clerical duties and maximize your office's efficiency in a few simple steps. It may be a dial-by-name directory that ends up keeping your customers on the line, or it may be broadcast messaging that saves you hours of repetitive typing or calling. There are literally dozens of solutions that will help you increase your profit margins.

So many entrepreneurs rack their brains to think of catchier marketing slogans or scour books for advanced closing techniques. While these are worthy pursuits, oftentimes the easiest solutions are found in more mundane tasks like recording, storing, and retrieving messages. Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars to hire a business consultant to analyze your company when you need only upgrade the way you communicate?

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